Vad som händer i TVD när det kommer tillbaka i januari

“When we come back in Episode 10, Elena and Damon are finding themselves in these moments where the romantic tension is a little bit deeper and the physical tension is a little bit hotter,” Julie teases. (We know what you’re thinking. Hotter? How is that even possible? Trust us… it is.)

Though Stefan is out of the picture, Damon and Elena continue to spend time together. “They have to work together against Klaus, so they keep finding themselves in these moments that they’re now both free to act on, without guilt.”

tvd-damon-carry-elena-vertical.jpgOf course, Stefan never stays gone for long. At some point, it will be revealed that his big “betrayal” at Homecoming was for Damon’s benefit. “Eventually, somebody is going to found out that Stefan saved Damon’s life, and Damon and Elena are going to have that to contend with,” Julie says. “They’re going to have some choices to make.”

Though we’re antsy for Damon and Elena to move forward (there are only so many almost-kisses the audience can handle) there’s no denying that Stefan’s evolution has been one of the most intriguing parts of Season 3.

Julie agrees. “For me, the biggest pleasure of the season — which I won’t say is totally a surprise because theoretically we knew that he had this in him — is watching Paul Wesley do what he’s done. It’s been kind of thrilling,” she says. “I love me some Paul! I think he’s a wonderful actor, and to really see him get to explode on screen has been so exciting and so intense and emotional. I’m really proud of him. I’m proud of the show, in a way, because that storyline really worked the way that we wanted it work.”


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