Spoilers för 3x10 - "The New Deal"

Question: I want some Vampire Diaries scoop! –Philip
Ausiello: Things get very heated between Damon, Stefan and Elena when the series returns on Thursday. Look for all three to have dramatic confrontations with each other — and one of the showdowns even ends with a slap. ………….

Question: Please tell me there’s some Caroline and Stefan scenes coming up on Vampire Diaries! I really miss their friendship! —Amy
Ausiello: Sadly, there’s nothing in this Thursday’s episode. Stefan’s a bit preoccupied with hiding coffins from Klaus. But I have to imagine he’ll find some time in his hectic schedule to wish Caroline a happy birthday next week.

Question: Scoop on Vampire Diaries’ Bonnie, please! Any details about the reunion with her mother? —Alta
Ausiello: It’s not going to be “all Hallmark cards and cookies,” warns executive producer Julie Plec. “There’s a lot of tension there…..

Question: Joseph Morgan recently mentioned that he’d like to see Klaus have a love interest on Vampire Diaries. Is this happening anytime soon? —Amy
Ausiello: Morgan is getting his wish! While Plec wouldn’t tell us if the lucky (or maybe not so lucky?) lady is someone we’ve met before, she did confirm “someone will catch Klaus’ eye very soon.” ………

» Alma

Hej! jättebra blogg! Paul Wesley är ju så snygg!!!!!

Men har en fråga.. det verkar som att Paul ALLTID ser så alvarlig ut på bilder. Jag har aldrig sett någon där han skrattar eller ler.. Kan du visa en bild på bloggen där han skrattar eller ler snälla??????

2012-01-05 @ 10:31:55
URL: http://almaalways.blogg.se/
» alicia

asså fattar inte riktigt kommer ep 10 imorrn?

2012-01-05 @ 15:09:40
» alicia

2012-01-05 @ 15:13:46
» nicoline

heej ! :D

när kan vi i sverige se avsnitt 10 från the vampire diaries?

2012-01-05 @ 16:05:53
URL: http://niicolines.blogg.se/
» alicia

Älskar stefan <3 Yaaayyy äntligen ska Klaus få en tjej!! hahaha han är rolig och förtjänar kärlek!! :D

2012-01-05 @ 16:53:04

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